Garage Door Keypads (Troubleshooting, Helpful Videos and Links)

Garage door keypads offer anyone with the passcode an easy way to access the garage with just a PIN code. It works on a similar principle as the garage door opener remote. Still, instead of just pressing the button, it requires a PIN code first to open the door. This is for security reasons, of course. Sometimes garage door keypads malfunction. 

The garage door keypad cooperates with the garage door opener, door opener wall button, and garage door remote to control the door opening and closing with other functions. In addition, it allows convenient access to the garage with a simple PIN code. 

Let’s look at what the most common keypad problems are and how to fix them. We also take a look at how to reset the code for different brands of keypads. 

What Is a Garage Door Keypad?

A keypad is an important part of the garage door system. 

The garage door keypad is usually installed on the outside wall beside the garage door. Instead of using a remote to enter the garage, you type your PIN into the keypad. This entry type also allows you to create a temporary PIN to give visitors and service people access to your home.  

Reasons to Re-Program the Garage Door Keypad

  • Code has been compromised
  • Moving into a new home
  • Prevent someone who knows the code from entering
  • Can’t remember the code at all, or the code is hard to remember
  • If you rent and tenants change
  • Roommate moves out

Why Doesn’t My Garage Door Keypad Work

The most common reasons for keypads not to work are: 

Depleted Battery – Always change the battery first on the keypad. Some older models might require you to reprogram the garage door opener keypad after changing the battery. Maybe even clearing the memory and resetting the pin. 

Loose Wire – Check wires inside the keypad. Check for loose connections or frayed wires between the wires and the keys. Detach and reattach all the wires one wire at a time, so you don’t get mixed up. 

Stuck Keys – If the keys keep sticking when you press them. Take the whole keypad apart and give it a good cleaning all around. Use a mild cleaner and small brush or cotton swaps. You can also use compressed air to clean the dust. Take a picture with your phone before disassembling the keypad, so you know which parts go where. 

It is also possible that one of the numbers stop working. Just program different code to work around this problem or replace the whole unit. 

Surface Interference – in some rare cases, the surface where the keypad is mounted may be interfering with the signal. Test it out by removing the keypad and walking in a different spot. If the keypad works, you can add some rubber or wood between the keypad and the mounting surface. 

Wrong Code – If you or someone else enters the incorrect code too often, the system will lock up and won’t work again before setting a new PIN. 

Reset PIN – Check the owner’s manual for instructions on how to do this because it differs from manufacturer to manufacturer. 

Check the resetting PIN part of this article down below. 

Clear and Reboot the Garage Door Opener – Just unplug the opener for 2-5 minutes to clear the memory. This should erase the memory. Another way is to push the learn button about 6 seconds until the LED turns off 

How To Erase Remote Control And Keypad Access (

Garage Door Keypad Not Working in Cold Weather

Batteries don’t last very long in extreme cold weather and should be replaced before winter. Cold batteries discharge quickly. Humidity can also freeze inside the keypad and prevent it from working. It’s best to take the keypad inside and let it melt and dry overnight. 

Garage Door Keypad Blinking Rapidly   

Blinking can mean that the door opener is in lock mode. The handheld remote should not work in this case, and the motor unit light may also flash. To take the unit out of lock mode. Press and hold the lock button for two seconds. (lock button may be located under push button cover)

I Press Any Button on Garage Door Keypad, and the Garage Door Opens

The keypad is in safety mode if the garage door opens or closes when pressing any button. 

When you enter the security code and activate the garage door opener, the keypad goes into “safety mode.” This safety mode allows you to press any button to stop or start the garage door opener. 

This safety mode is because if you activate the door and you see a problem. You need to stop the door from opening or closing. You can do it quickly by pressing any button. 

You can identify if the keypad is in the safety mode by the back keypad LED. If the keypad is lit up, then the keypad is in safety mode. Once the backlight keypad LED goes out, the keypad is out of the safety mode. 

This function varies by manufacturer. See the owner’s manual on how to disable the safety mode. 

How to Choose a Garage Door Keypad PIN

Easy to remember PINs are the best and can be safe. 

Choose a PIN that you or your family will not forget. A good option is some word like dogg, which is 3644 on the keypad. Words are easy to remember. Avoid obvious PINS like 1234 or 0000. Avoid PINs that have the house address, postcode, or similar connection to your life, which is easy to guess. 

Keep the PIN number private and only give temporary access codes for delivery people and repairmen. 

Change the PIN immediately if you think an unauthorized person has access. 

How to Reset Garage Door PIN Code  

The reprogramming process varies by manufacturer and model of the garage door opener. Most openers have a learn button located on the opener. The button can be in the lightbulb compartment or somewhere else.

  • Consult the owner’s manual or the manufacturer’s instructions for specific steps. (see manufacturer info below.)
  • You can find the manufacturer and model in the garage door opener label.
  • Keypad model number is behind the unit, and you need to remove the unit from the wall to find out the info. 

How to find out which Keyless Entry I have (

Usually, you have to push the learn button and then within 30 seconds. Then key in a new code and press enter. Having a buddy helps change the code safely. So you don’t have to hurry down the ladder. Or take the keypad out of the wall if possible. 

Instructions How to Reset Pin for Different Manufacturers

Instructions for Chamberlain and Liftmaster 

How to Add, Program or Change a Keyless Entry PIN (

Keyless entry programming overview (

Instructions for Craftsman

Instructions for Merlin

Instructions for Decko

Instructions for Genie

Instructions for Guardian

Instructions for Hormann

Instructions for Linear

Instructions for Marantec

Instructions for Overhead Door

Instructions for Sommer–flyers.html

Instructions for Skylink

Temporary Code – To authorize temporary access for service people. It will stop open the door once it expires. However, it can still be used to close the door. It can usually be set for how many hours it will work or how many times the door can be opened.

How do I Program a Temporary PIN for my Wireless Keypad (

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How Long Does the Garage Keypad Last? 

Keypads last about 5-10 years. Over time, things like temperature, humidity, dust, snow, rain. How often the keypad is used, how hard the buttons are pressed, and basic wear and tear will affect the keypad so much that it has to be changed to a new one. 

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How Long Do Garage Keypad Batteries Last? 

About 2 years, depending on climate. Cold weather consumes batteries faster. So changing them before winter is a good idea. Most new models use 9-volt and older models 12-volt battery. 

How to Replace the Battery on a Garage Door Keypad

In most models, the battery compartment is located at the bottom of the device. There should a battery cover which slides off. It may take a bit of force but don’t worry about breaking it.

Older keypads may require a Phillips head screwdriver to remove the screw first and then slide off the cover. There may also be a pinhole or oval cut out that needs to be pushed with a small screwdriver or similar to remove the cover. 

How do I change the battery in a wireless keypad (

Some older models might require you to reprogram the garage door opener keypad after changing the battery. Maybe even clearing the memory and resetting the pin. 

Can Garage Door Keypads Be Hacked   

Older garage door openers have fixed code sent over radio frequency, and they can be hacked with a code grabber that records the code sent. The device has to be physically planted near the door. Old systems should be updated for various security and safety reasons. 

If you have an old garage door opener (manufactured before Jan. 1, 1993) or over 10-15 years old. consider upgrading the opener to benefit from safety features

New keypads are very safe and not easily hacked. They randomly rotate billions of different security code combinations and change the radio frequency. Check your remote and the opener unit. They should say Security+ or Security 2.0 to have the rolling code feature. 

Four-digit long PIN Has 10,000 possible combinations. 

Are Garage Door Keypads Universal   

Some manufacturers make universal remotes that should work with any garage door opener. Then there are manufacturer-specific keypads that don’t work with other openers.

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Always ensure that the product you are purchasing works with your existing garage door opener. You can check the manufacturer and model from the unit. There should be a label. 

Currently supported Chamberlain and LiftMaster universal remotes (

How to find out which Keyless Entry I have (

Can You Program Two Garage Doors With One Keypad?

Most keypads can be paired up to three or more garage door openers. Always check from the manufacturer if you are purchasing a new system that it can handle multi-bay garages simultaneously. 

How Much It Cost to Replace Garage Door Keypad

Keypads cost about $30-$60

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