Garage Door Opener Manufacturers (Brands)

What Are the Best Brands of Garage Doors Openers? 

Garage door openers have many options nowadays, from simple basic units to high-tech models with all the innovative home options you could hope for. Today we look at the manufacturers. 

Smart options include: 

  • Integrated videocamera
  • Led lighting system for garage
  • Battery backup
  • Wireless keypad, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi
  • Smart locks
  • Parking assist
  • Integration to home security systems, motion alert
  • Monitor and control app for operating the garage door from home or away.
  • Integration to Google Assistant or Apple Homekit, Xfinity Home, and similar services

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Garage Door Opener Manufacturers

Access Master

Access master is a private label brand from Liftmaster/Chamberlain.

Sold in big box or hardware stores. 

  • LiftMaster Remote Controls are Interchangeable with AccessMaster Remote Controls.
  • Access Master garage door openers and access master remotes will match up with Liftmaster model numbers.
  • Access master door openers and parts are all color-coded and interchangeable with Liftmaster products.


Check the model number behind the remote’s back and match it up with the corresponding Liftmaster model. The Access Master remote might say 971AM or AC, which is the same as Liftmaster 971LM.


Allstar/Allister garage door openers and Allstar remotes were made by the Linear corp. And were sold under the Allstar/Allister garage door opener brand name.

The Allister and Allstar brands are no longer manufactured.


Beamup manufacturers & supplies smart garage door openers and solutions.

Chamberlain Group

Chamberlain Group is the world’s largest manufacturer of automatic garage door openers. They design residential garage door openers and commercial door operators and gate entry systems under their own brand Chamberlain and under brands Liftmaster, Raynor, Craftsman, Merlin, Grifco, and Clicker.


Company’s DIY line. Buy from a retailer and install yourself.


Company’s line for professional installers.

Brands of Liftmaster

  • access master
  • garage master

Liftmaster brand has been around for more than 45 years.

Liftmaster focuses on safety, security, and high-level tech and quietness. 

They have straightforward installation and extended warranty even for 10 years. 


Company’s line for professional installers.

Raynor Garage Doors has been manufacturing residential and commercial garage doors and door openers since 1944. It’s well known for garage doors. 

Raynor used to make its own garage door operators but now uses chamberlain technology. 


Craftsman is Chamberlain re-branded models sold at Sears. These models have the prefix “139” to serve as an indication that they are made by the Chamberlain Group.

Sears also installs and repairs garage door openers and garage doors.

Craftsman brand is known for its home tools.


Merlin is a brand of Chamberlain Group. These are a line of garage door openers made for the Australian and New Zealand markets. So the quality is as good as other Chamberlain products. 

Merlin’s products comply with Australian and New Zealand standards of all safety features. 


Company’s Commercial line of door operators


Company’s line of universal garage door remotes.

  • Craftsman, Liftmaster, and Chamberlain have interchangeable parts, primarily the circuit boards and gears. 
  • Craftsman and Chamberlain operate on a split-rail system, and Liftmaster consists of one single solid piece of rail.
  • All new models offer garage door opener safety and security features, are available in a variety of horsepower levels and drive systems, as well as wall-mounted jackshaft door operators and battery backup systems.
  • MyQ™ technology enables you to securely monitor and control your garage door opener with your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Chamberlain Group products are high-quality, reliable, and durable.

Statistic: Garage door openers used the most by construction firms in the United States in 2018 | Statista
Find more statistics at Statista


Since 1932 Decko Products has offered consumers high-quality products at exceptional values. Decko designs, manufacture, distributes, and services all of its products.

Decko openers are powerful, and they have extension rails for taller doors also. 


Founded in 1923 as the Alliance Manufacturing Company. Genie is now one of America’s best-known and trusted consumer brand names. Millions of their products are in use throughout North America. 

In 1954, the Alliance Manufacturing Company first produced its own garage door opener unit. Named Genie was the first mass-produced, radio-controlled residential garage door opener and became the market leader in design, safety, and reliable service. – core values that Genie still upholds to this day.

  • Genie manufactures remote-controlled garage door opening systems and accessories for multiple distribution channels.
  • The openers include advanced features such as a 140 volt DC motor, Intellicode remote access security system that automatically changes the security code to one of the billions of combinations each time the transmitter is activated.
  • The Safe-T-Beam infrared system senses objects in the door’s path to prevent entrapment.
  • Genie’s customer support of homeowners, dealers, and retailers, is the industry best and is one of the main reasons Genie is so well recognized in the homeowner market.
  • Genie invented screw-drive openers.

Overhead Door Corporation purchased the Genie company in 1994

Genie has several other brands of garage door opener remotes. Their brands include Alliance, Norelco, Blue Max, Lift-A-Door, Pro Max, Pro-Lift, Hercules, Stealth, Excelerator, Intellicode, Genie Pro, OverDrive, Python, Signature, Phantom, Legacy, Medallion, and Code Dodger were all manufactured by the Overhead Door company.


Guardian has manufactured and designed garage door components and operators for over 30 years. They sell products globally and are one of the largest suppliers of garage door openers.

Guardian garage door operators are designed and manufactured to the strict UL325 standard.

Guardian’s corporate headquarters is located in Taipei City, Taiwan. It is a global company with locations worldwide, including Shanghai and Shenzhen, China, Richardson and Arlington, TX; El Segundo & San Bernadino, CA; West Chicago, IL, and Medley, FL.

Guardian builds well-balanced devices that have straightforward installation and easy operation.


Hörmann is one of the world’s leading door manufacturers and a global leader in today’s building components industry.

In 2002 Hörmann started its first sales company in the United States. Expanding the business further today. Hörmann has manufacturing facilities and distribution centers across the United States, offering residential garage doors and openers and commercial sectional and high-performance doors.

The Hörmann range of residential and commercial doors and openers are specially designed and developed to meet the North American market requirements.


Since 1961, Linear has been a trusted brand in the perimeter access and access control industry for both commercial and residential markets. Based in Carlsbad, California. Linear has manufactured gate and garage door operators, telephone entry systems, accessories, and more.

Linear is one of the major manufacturers in wireless technology, remotes, openers, and other security systems.

Linear garage door openers are available in chain, belt drive, or jackshaft and different horsepower and voltages.


Marantec. Established 1957 in Germany develops and produces opener and control systems, and accessories, for all type of doors and gates.

They sell products in over 70 countries worldwide, with their own subsidiaries in Europe and the USA.  

Established in the United States in 1997, Marantec America successfully manufactured and distributed residential and commercial access systems throughout the US, Canada, and Latin America.

Marantec is the market leader in DC (direct current) technology. Marantec operators are known for extremely quiet operation, energy-efficient features such as integrated LED lighting, and reduced stand-by consumption. And quality and reliability you expect from products made in Germany.

Marantec openers are reasonably priced and have security options. They are sold through a network of dealers.


Martin garage door openers were made by Marantec. Now Martin Doors uses Liftmaster and Marantec openers.


NAPOLEON/LYNX is a world leader in the manufacturing, distribution, and marketing of garage doors and garage door components. Privately owned for over 25 years, the company began manufacturing garage door springs and hardware from a small factory located in Montreal, Canada.

In 1977, (Lynx) became the first company in Canada to manufacture residential and commercial electric door openers and soon included the distribution of residential and commercial steel insulated doors.

Overhead door

Overhead door is well known for its garage doors, and they make garage door openers also.

The company makes innovative devices and door openers perform well with smart features. 

Overhead Door Corporation purchased Genie company in 1994


Ryobi is a Japanese component manufacturer for electronics, cars, and telecommunication industries. 

Ryobi has a smart opener with an innovative accessory system. It includes options of

  • Speakers
  • Park assist
  • Fan 
  • Retractable cord reel
  • Security camera
  • High power inflator

Ryobi is more known for its quality power tools. 

Sommer USA

SOMMER is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of high-quality garage door openers and wireless control systems. Worldwide, SOMMER serves more than 90 countries.   

SOMMER USA distributes its products from Charlotte, NC, to all points throughout North and South America. Every single one of SOMMER’s garage door openers sold in the US is engineered and manufactured in Germany to the highest standards.

Sommer is famous for its reliable and durable direct-drive opener. Devices also have a built-in alarm system. 


Skylink is established in 1990 and has multiples offices located in Canada, the USA, China, Hong Kong, and Vietnam.

Skylink’s Canadian office is located in Mississauga, Ontario. This location consists of Sales, Marketing, Customer Service departments, Logistic Control, and the Canadian distribution center.

Skylink US Office is located in Ontario, California. This location is strictly a distribution center for the US and South America.

Skylink openers have multiple smart features and safety features and are reasonably priced. 

Installation is designed to be easy for DIY


Stanley garage door openers were some of the first ones around. They have not made or sold garage door openers or garage doors since 1997. Stanley Garage Door Company has since gone out of business.

The Stanley Works does not and cannot address complaints, warranty issues, parts requests, etc., on Stanley garage door openers.

If you still have one. The openers are too old and obsolete. It’s time to replace it with a new modern garage door opener. 


Wayne Dalton is famous for its garage doors, and they used to make openers also. They stopped manufacturing garage door openers some time ago. Now they use Genie Openers. 

Wayne Dalton branded openers are no longer manufactured or owned by Wayne Dalton. If you have issues with your Wayne Dalton opener, please contact your local Genie dealer for replacement.

How Can I Tell How Old My Garage Door Opener Is?

Check the unit all around. There is a sticker, metal plate, or stamp, including model number and production date. 

If the unit is over 10-15 years old, it’s time to replace it.

Per California law, as of July 1, 2019, all automatic garage door openers sold in the state of California must include a battery backup.

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