How to Make Money With Your Garage (Clever Tips)

How can I make money with my garage? You may be asking yourself. Well, it’s pretty simple.

Start a small business or rent your garage.

Use your empty garage to earn money. Or have a garage sale. Let’s explore some good ideas.

Renting Out Your Garage

Rent It as Parking Space

You can use many websites to rent out your garage or driveway to parking space for people who commute nearby. Check many websites for the going rate for your living area. If you live near major business hubs or public transport, it will be a higher rate. Some people might want to commute the rest of the journey via bus or train etc.

Rent It as Storage Space

If you don’t like too much traffic from parking space option. You can make money storing things for people. Recheck multiple websites/companies that can help you market your space and help with contracts, so you are covered for any possibilities.

Convert Part or All of Your Garage to Living Space for Rent

There are many websites like Airbnb out there to offer accommodation to people. The garage already has all the basic necessities for living space. Just upgrade it all year usable like adding insulation, heating, and aircon. So it might be worth the investment.

Rent Out Your Machines and Tools

You could borrow your equipment locally. This is perfect for the types of equipment people only use rarely and is hesitant to buy. Again there are websites for listing your tools online and offer insurance.

Rent Garage as Pop up Venue

Many independent businesses are preferring not to rent or purchase their own premises. Instead, these companies are creating so-called pop-up events in original spaces. Depending on the location of your garage, businesses and entrepreneurs may be interested in renting your space for a pop-up vintage shop or a pop-up art exhibition.

Set up a Workshop for Your Hobby

If you have a moneymaking hobby or skill. You could sell your expertise online or on market stalls. Convert your garage to dedicated working space for you or other people allowing you to have two income streams, with both long and short-term leases.

Small Businesses to Start in Your Garage

Electrical Appliance Repairing

Again if you have the expertise, you can run a small repair shop in your garage.

Computer Repairing

The garage is a great space to store many computers in line waiting for repair or installing software.

Smartphone Repairing

If you have the skills. Starting a smartphone repairing business from your garage space can be profitable. You can also take a course to learn this.

Car Washing/Detailing

If it’s allowed in your local area to wash cars in a garage or driveway.

Car Mechanic Services

If you have the tools and expertise.

Bicycle Repairing

If you have the skill and the right tools. Bikes require several special tools.

Courier Services

If you have a team of people and can organize it effectively.


Every parent is looking for the best tutors to teach their kids. If you are good at a specific subject or subjects like a foreign language, math, English, science, consider starting a career in tutoring. You can also teach online.

Music Tutoring

The garage is a great place to conduct music classes. It has space for many instruments, and you don’t have to rent other space.

Laundry/Ironing Service

Add dry clothing services or washing of rugs and bigger linens.

Dance Studio

Convert your garage to a dance studio. Removable floor pieces work great.

Pet Grooming

Watch and groom pets, and you can also sell pet-related supplies.

Massage Shop

There is a good demand for professional massage therapists.


Use your garage as a place to create various floral designs to sell.

Knitting/Alteration/Sewing Services

If you handy with a sewing machine and repairing and patching up clothes and linen.

Sell Antique and Other Collectibles

The garage is a great place to show antiques and rare stuff to customers.

Bookkeeping Services

If you have customers with mountains of paper. A garage is a good place if it’s properly insulated and air controlled, so moisture is not a problem.


You could also start your own barber or hairdresser business in your garage.

Make or Assembly Furniture

If you have carpentry skills and tools. You could also just assemble other people’s furniture.

Fitness/Personal Training

You can start small with a garage gym or other fitness equipment and then move to a bigger space. Just make sure your garage is up to the job.


Set up the gym and rent out your garage gym to other people too.

Small Scale Manufacturing

It can be almost anything. Toys, T-shirts. Clothes, custom stuff, etc. Requires reasonable investing to start.

Craft Making

There is a demand for homemade and handcrafted stuff. Just think of something you know or want to learn. Again garage is the perfect place to set up any kind of assembly and production. Think soap/candle/jewelry/metal/woodworks. Etc.

Craft Classes

Teach people in craft or trade you are skilled in.

3D Printing

Requires investment and skills. But then you can 3D print almost anything unique for customers.

Youtube Studio

The garage is a great space to set up a Youtube studio. All you need to do is have a topic you’re passionate about and knowledgeable about—an understanding of YouTube and a quiet, undisturbed space to record the videos.

Yoga Instructor

If you are an expert, then create a yoga studio and provide lessons.

Daycare Service

Make sure you’re properly licensed and conform to all required state and national laws before opening a daycare center in your garage. There are strict requirements for operating a daycare.

Daycares are in seriously short supply everywhere in the world. A garage can be a good, safe area to set up without any potential hazards (Make the garage hazard free first!) that fill ordinary home spaces. Keeping work and home life separate, with the amount of noise and mess that goes into daycares, is a great idea.

Photography Studio

Photo studio requires large space and lighting, and other equipment. Setting a studio in the garage is an inexpensive alternative to renting when you are just starting out.

Recycle Service

Collect and recycle everything. There are many valuable metals in computers etc.

Can I Run Business Out of My Garage

Of course, you can. Choose a business that fits in your garage. But you should check your country or state laws first. So you know what kind of business you are allowed to run in your home. Also, you can try the online route in some cases. You just need a computer, a camera, and a stable internet connection, and you are good to go.

  • Selecting the Right Business For You
  • Having a Good Plan
  • Repurpose the Garage as per the Business Needs
  • Register Your Business
  • Make the business Legally sound
  • Take Appropriate Security Measures and Check Insurance
  • Keep Your Garage Space Clean and Organized

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