Repurpose Old Garage Door & Openers (Helpful Videos & Ideas)

Old garage doors, openers, sensors, and springs can be reused in many creative ways. You don’t always have to throw them into the recycling. It takes a bit of DIY attitude and the right tools and elbow grease to create something unique.

There are many ways to turn them into objects like wall decor, shelves, garden boxes, a bench, tables, display cases, headboards, or greenhouses. You can also make a meat grinder, can crusher, dumbwaiter, awning, moving targets, door closer, workout equipment, and intruder alert. Etc. 

Garage doors are made of materials like wood, steel, aluminum, vinyl, fiberglass, glass, and composite, so you have many material options to work with. Garage door openers can be reused too for many creative and useful purposes. 

What Can I Do With an Old Garage Door?

Wall Panel Decor Door panels can be used as wall art decor or photo frames. 

Custom Coat Track – One door panel works as a coat rack for the whole family. Just add hooks. Customize any way you want. 

Windows Shutters  Make custom windows shutters and add some decorative hardware where necessary. 

Privacy Screen – Privacy screen for your backyard or patio. Doors work as space dividers too. 

Windows Boxes – Nifty flower boxes for under windows or terraces. 

Shelves – Build floating or attached shelves for any wall. More room for things cheaply!

Raised Garden Bed & Boxes  Build custom frames for your gardening from the old doors. Wooden doors may rot in time, so use any other materials available. 

Outdoor Table or Garden Bench – Build a custom bench or table like no other for your garden. 

Dining Table – Build a custom dining table for the house. Top with glass. Pick a door style that is pleasing to the eye. Garage Door Table: 7 Steps (with Pictures) – Instructables

Outdoor Display Case – Show different kinds of objects in a custom display case. You can use glass, plexiglass, or chicken wire for the case too. 

Custom Bed Headboard – Garage doors come in many styles, and some could be used as headboards which will surely catch the eye. Wood is a good material for these. 

Sliding Barn Doors – Sliding doors can be used almost anywhere in your home. Separate different rooms with these or use them as movable room dividers. 

Luxury/Large Windows – Replace a wall with an old garage door with panels replaced with glass. These bring a lot of light in and keep the elements away when necessary. Works best in terraces but can be installed in-house too if doing extensive renovations. 

Greenhouse – Door paneled with glass will make a nifty greenhouse in no time. You can also replace the panels with glass or plexiglass.

Big Board For Graffiti Art – Use the whole door as a graphics board for graffiti, painting, or other art styles. 

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What Can I Do With an Old Garage Door Opener?

Meat Grinder – Build a meat grinder from the old opener as this guy did. 

Meat Turner – Build a slow-turning device for meat grilling.

Can Crusher – Build a can crusher like this guy.

Generator – Turn it into a generator like this guy.

Gate Opener – Opener can also be turned into a gate opener, but you have to weather seal the unit well. It may not last long in harsh conditions. 

Dumbwaiter – Hook the opener into the wall and build a makeshift dumbwaiter for the attic or between any house or garage levels.

Retractable Awning – Setup a retractable awning for your garage like these guys. 

Flying Ghost For Halloween –  Hang up a flying ghost that comes swooping from trees or other hiding places. If the chain/belt is not long enough, you can replace the sprocket with a pulley and cable.

Retractable Projection Screen – Retractable movie screen for man caves etc. 

Moving Targets For Shooting/Archery – Use the opener for moving target practice. If the chain/belt is not long enough, you can replace the sprocket with a pulley and cable. Shield the motor from bullets if necessary. Adjust the gear ratio if necessary. Don’t leave the opener outside where it can get wet. 

Remote Lights For The Attic – Use the unit as remote-controlled lights for the attic or cellar. 

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Repurpose Garage Door Springs

Door Closer – Garage door extensions springs can be used to open or close barn doors or any door. Use a cable or rope between the spring in case it breaks to avoid injury.  

Launchers – Extensions springs can also be used to make any kind of slingshot, ballista, or makeshift launcher. Use these at your own risk! Use a cable or rope between the spring in case it breaks to avoid injury.  

Workout Equipment – Build a spring bar, chest expander, tummy trimmer, or any other spring-based workout equipment. Remember to insert a cable or other tubing inside the spring to avoid accidents if the spring breaks. 

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Reuse Garage Door Sensors

Intruder Alerter – You can build an infrared alarm system cheaply with a pair of old garage door sensors. 

Infrared Intruder Alert: 5 Steps – Instructables

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How Do I Dispose of Garage Doors & Openers

Everything is recyclable, so find out where your local recycling center is and dispose of items you no longer need. For heavy garage metal doors, you might even get paid a little!

Find your local recycling center.

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