How To Get Rid Of Flies In Garage: Kill Flies In My Garage

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Flies can be a menace in garages. They distract you from your work, leaving you less satisfied with your garage time. Some are also known to bite like mosquitoes. How to get rid of flies in garage?

You can get rid of flies in the garage by:

  • Sealing Entrances
  • Proper Garbage Management
  • Using Fly Traps
  • Installing Fly Paper or Strips
  • Using Chemical and Natural Repellents
  • Reducing Standing Water
  • Regular Cleaning
  • Using Fans

In this post, we explore how to get rid of flies in garage. We also examine why these flyers love your garage and how you can protect yourself.

How Do Garages Attract Flies?

When you discover flies in your garage, it can be a nuisance. Understanding what attracts them is key to keeping your space fly-free. Often, garages become hotspots for flies due to simple, overlooked factors.

Garbage Cans

Garages typically house garbage cans, which are prime targets for flies. The smell of decaying organic matter or even just leftover food in trash cans is enough to attract flies. Ensuring your garbage cans have tightly closed lids can greatly reduce their interest.

Also, it’s a good idea to regularly clean these bins with a spray of vinegar and essential oils, which both clean and act as a natural repellent.

Standing Water

Another common issue is the accumulation of standing water from leaky pipes or rainwater. Flies are drawn to any stagnant water as potential breeding sites.

Spend some time, and check and repair leaks. This ensures that water does not accumulate in or around your garage and can prevent flies from gathering.

Wide, Open Doors

Open doors are an open invitation for flies to enter your garage. Keep the garage doors closed tightly whenever you’re not actively moving in or out. This simple action can reduce the number of flies entering this space.

Cracks & Small Holes

Cracks and small holes in your garage walls or around windows and doors also allow flies to work their way indoors. Sealing these gaps keeps flies away and improves your garage’s insulation, contributing to broader home improvement.

Types Of Flies In Garages

House Flies: These are the most familiar pests you’ll encounter. They’re attracted to decaying organic matter and pet waste, often found in unsealed trash cans. They can lay hundreds of eggs, leading to rapid population growth. 

Fruit Flies: These thrive in sweet, fermenting environments like spilled sodas or overripe fruit that may have been stored in the garage. DIY fly traps using apple cider vinegar and dish soap are highly effective here. The scent lures them in, and the soap traps them.

Cluster Flies: Cluster flies come in when it’s cold, looking for a warm place to hibernate. These pests are harder to get rid of once they settle in. Sealing up cracks around doors and windows with caulks or weather stripping can prevent their entry.

Drain Flies: These might be found if your garage has a slop sink or floor drains. They breed in the gunk that builds up in drains, so regular cleaning is essential to prevent a fly problem.

Stable Flies: These bite like mosquitoes, and they are attracted to standing water. They’re more than just a nuisance; their bites can be painful. Ensuring that your garage is free from stagnant water and using repellents can help keep these pests away.

Signs Of Fly Problem In Your Garage

Noticing flies in your garage can quickly turn from a minor annoyance to a significant concern. Here are five signs that you might have a fly problem on your hands:

Flies Buzzing Around

You might start seeing an unusual number of flies buzzing around, especially near the garage door or windows. This increase often indicates a nearby breeding site or an attractant like open trash cans or pet waste.

Keep an eye on how many flies you’re encountering day by day.

Fly Clusters

Another telltale sign is finding clusters of flies, either alive or dead, around specific areas in your garage. They might gather around light sources or windows, trying to escape.

If you spot these clusters, especially of dead flies, it’s a sign they’ve found a place they like inside your space.

Decaying Odor

You may also notice an unpleasant odor emanating from the corners of the garage. This could be due to decaying organic matter, one of the top things that attract flies. It could be:

  • old garbage,
  • forgotten pet waste, or
  • even a hidden rodent problem.

Regularly clearing out potential food sources can help mitigate this issue.

Finding Maggots

Finding maggots is a direct sign of a fly infestation. Flies lay eggs that turn into larvae, often found in garbage cans or other decomposing materials left unchecked.

If you see larvae, it’s crucial to thoroughly clean the area and dispose of the source of the infestation.

Your Fly Traps Are Catching Flies

Lastly, if you frequently use DIY fly traps or flypaper and are always full, it’s clear that flies are a consistent problem in your garage.

This method helps you keep track of the fly population and indicates their breeding rate.

How to Kill Flies In Garage?

Use Fly Traps

Setting up fly traps (paid link) inside your garage can catch existing flies and reduce their population. DIY fly traps can be highly effective, such as those made from a cut-off top of a bottle containing a mix of apple cider vinegar and dish soap.

The flies get attracted to the solution and cannot escape once they land.

Install Fly Paper or Strips

Flypaper or sticky strips can be hung around your garage, especially near garage doors and windows. These sticky surfaces trap flies when they land.

Regularly replacing these strips can help maintain their effectiveness and keep the fly population under control.

Use Fans

Flies dislike strong air movements. Setting up a fan in your garage to create airflow can discourage flies from entering. 

This is a simple yet effective strategy to keep flies at bay, especially during warmer months when flies are most active.

How To Prevent Flies From Coming Back?

Chemical and Natural Repellents

Using chemical repellents (paid link) like fly spray or bug spray can offer immediate relief. However, if you prefer a natural approach, spraying a blend of eucalyptus oil and water around your garage is an effective deterrent.

Flies dislike the smell of eucalyptus (paid link) and will stay away.

Seal Entrances

One of the simplest ways to prevent flies from entering your garage is by keeping doors and windows tightly closed. Check for small holes or crevices around these areas.

Sealing these can significantly reduce the number of flies getting inside. This helps with flies and improves your garage’s insulation against weather and pests.

Proper Garbage Management

Flies are attracted to rot and decay, typically found in garbage cans. Ensure your trash cans have lids that close tightly and are kept clean. You can also remove wet food trash quickly, as these are likely to attract flies.

Spraying the cans regularly with vinegar and essential oils can be a natural deterrent, keeping flies away due to the strong odor that repels them.

Reduce Standing Water

Flies breed in standing water. Ensure that your garage and its surroundings are free from any stagnant water. This involves fixing leaky faucets or pipes and ensuring drainage is functioning properly. 

The loss of moisture and standing water usually prevents flies from laying eggs and multiplying. You also will spare yourself from problems with many other pests too, since most will need moisture to survive.

Regular Cleaning

Keep your garage clean and clutter-free. Remove and get rid of any potential food sources that might attract flies. This includes pet food, garden seeds, or other organic materials. Regular sweeping and cleaning of floors can remove any residues that might attract flies.

How To Get Rid Of Flies In Garage: Answered

Managing flies in your garage involves both preventative measures and direct action. Each strategy contributes to creating a fly-free environment, from sealing gaps and using natural deterrents to setting up traps and maintaining cleanliness. 

By implementing these methods, you can effectively reduce and control the fly population in your garage, ensuring it remains a comfortable and pest-free space for your home projects and storage needs.

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