Garage Windows (Benefits, Installation, and Styles Info)

Garages benefit from windows, and every garage should have natural light coming in. There are many window types suitable for garages. 

Many benefits include aesthetic and curb appeal, more natural light, and ventilation when adding windows to the garage. Possible downsides are security, privacy, weakened insulation, and extra weight on the door. These drawbacks are easy to deal with and should not hold you back with garage windows.

In this article, we look at the pros and cons associated with garage windows. Look at different kinds of windows, window styles, and materials and how to replace or install windows at garage doors. 

Garage Windows Pros and Cons


  • Aesthetic and Curb Appeal – Garages usually face the street depending on the garage type. And can make up a large portion of the home’s profile. Adding windows to the garage walls or especially the garage door increases the curb appeal giving more character to the whole house. A seamless look can be made by matching the windows between the garage and home. 
  • Natural Light – Natural light is free and often more pleasing than artificial light. Garages are often too dark, and the more light, the better and safer the whole space is. Installing windows to the walls or the garage door lets in more light, making the garage a pleasant place to spend time working on your various projects.  
  • Ventilation – Installing windows that can be opened offers a form of ventilation for your garage besides opening the door. With garage doors and windows open, you easily create a natural cross breeze when needed. 


  • Security – Adding windows can affect the garage security if the windows are big enough and can be broken. This can be prevented luckily by installing impact-resistant windows or other means. If the garage is attached, this will make an entry point to your home. Often garage windows are not big enough for burglars. 
  • Privacy – Adding windows without any privacy covering can mean some unwanted attention. This is easy to fix, though with many easy to install covers if needed. Garage door windows are usually installed above eye level. 
  • Insulation – If the garage door is insulated, adding windows will reduce the overall insulation somewhat. This can be prevented by purchasing insulated double panel windows. It is highly recommended so the windows won’t affect the insulation level. Saving your energy costs. 
  • Extra Weight – Depending on the material of the window, the garage door can become a little bit heavier. This means the garage door springs need to be adjusted. Often the garage door opener needs to be adjusted simultaneously to the new weight of the door. 

What Kind of Windows Do You Put in a Garage?

There are casement windows, awning windows, picture windows, double-hung windows, and Skylight usually installed on garage walls. Garage door windows are specially made to fit the garage doors. They can be installed afterward if the original door has none. 

Casement Garage Windows

Casement windows are a traditional type of window that works like a door. They open outward all the way on the vertical axis and provide lots of ventilation. The style works well with other house windows. Installing air conditioning units is difficult and not recommended for this window type. 

Awning Garage Windows

Awning windows work like casement windows, but the hinges are at the top and swing upwards. They can be placed high on the wall offering more light and some ventilation. They maximize the wall space and offer privacy when set high. Good option for garages. 

Picture Garage Windows

Picture windows are large fixed panels windows that do not open. They give a clear view of the surroundings and look like a picture frame. Picture windows offer tons of light and are aesthetically pleasing. They do not provide ventilation or much privacy, though. 

Double-Hung Garage Windows

Double-hung windows are popular in many countries and are often called double-sash windows. This windows type has two operable sashes that slide up and down. They offer some ventilation and lots of light. They do not open outwards, and windows AC units are easy to install in this type of window. These types of windows come in many sizes and materials. Good option for garages.

Skylight Garage Window

Skylights can also be installed in the garage. Skylights can be operable or inoperable, let tons of light in, and be powered by remote control. They come in a variety of designs, shapes, and sizes. Good option when constructing new garages and can be retrofitted to existing buildings.

Garage Door Windows

Adding windows to the garage door is a popular way to add more aesthetic and curb appeal to the house. The door itself looks much better with a row of windows at the top sections. This also brings natural light into the garage. Fake windows can also be installed on the garage door to achieve a more similar style to the house and complement the overall design. 

Can You Put Windows in a Garage Door?

Windows inserts can be installed almost at any type of door. But most common, these are seen at sectional steel garage doors and can be installed afterward. You can also replace the entire door section with a panel, including windows. Often this is the easiest way to add a row of windows on sectional doors. 

Replacing an entire garage door section can be tricky in some cases, though. The color and finish can be hard to match if the door is old and faded. If so, then adding windows to the old door is easiest. There is always an option to get a new door entirely also. 

What Are Garage Door Windows Made Of?

Garage door windows are made of tempered, insulated, or regular glass, polycarbonate, and acrylic plastic. Plastic windows materials such as acrylic and polycarbonate offer much more strength and impact resistance than standard glass. Polycarbonate and acrylic weigh less than half the same size piece of glass. 

When choosing the material for garage door windows, consider the durability, safety, security, and how much light the window lets through. 

There is not much reason to use regular glass as laminated and tempered glass are safer and more robust than plain glass. Tempered glass is five times stronger than standard glass. It shatters into small, dull pieces. 

Laminate or insulated glass is made of two panels separated by a layer of vinyl. When broken, the pieces stay in place. Laminated glass is not as strong as tempered glass, but it offers better insulation and reflects up to 90% of the sun’s UV rays. 

You have options like frost, tint, pebble, and etched satin. Tempered and laminated glass can be obscured for increased privacy. Privacy films and tinting can also be installed afterward. 

Acrylic and polycarbonate are shatter-resistant and great at insulating. They can have the same obscureness as tempered or laminated glass. 

What Size Is a Garage Door Window?

Garage door windows come in many shapes and sizes. The size varies greatly from 8 to 15 inches in height and 21 to 40 in width. The average garage door window insert size is around 38 x 10.5 inches. 

Garage Door Window Styles

Garage door windows have many styles, often named by the manufacturers. But they usually come in three different shapes. Square, Rectangle, and arch. These templates branch into various styles, from simple to ornate. Individual windows can have a single panel or up to 12 different sections. Inserts for decoration are also made from wood, aluminum, or plastic. 

Some common styles in the market are:

  • Cathedral
  • Cascadel
  • Clear Long
  • Sherwood
  • Stockton
  • Stockton Arch
  • Sunray
  • Somerton
  • Ruston
  • Waterton
  • Williamsburg
  • Wyndbridge
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Online Garage Door Designer

Different garage door manufacturers have free interactive visualizers to help you design and compare garage doors and see how they will look in your home. These are good tools to see how adding a window changes the house’s garage door and overall look.

Compare styles, colors, windows, and hardware choices. You can even upload a photo of your house or choose a pre-loaded home. Try them out!

Clopay online designer

Garaga online designer

Raynor online designer

Wayne Dalton online designer

Midland online designer

Safe-Way Garage Doors online designer

B&D online designer

Overhead Door online designer

Steel-Craft online designer

CHI Overhead Doors online designer

Doorlink Manufacturing online designer

Windsor Door online designer

How Do You Replace a Windows in a Garage Door

Garage door window inserts can be replaced DIY. Use these steps and wear safety glasses and protective gloves(paid link) when making repairs. Getting a buddy to help makes things always easier. 

1. One person can hold the outside of the window frame while the other person removes screws from the inside retainer. 

2. Remove the inside retainer from the door and clean any broken glass away. 

3. Insert a new window panel.

4. Again, one person can hold the outside windows frame while the other person installs the inside retainer and screws it down, securing the windows. 

5. Check the frame is securely sealed. 

Can You Replace Garage Door Panels With Windows? 

The Windows section is placed top or second from the top door section, depending on if you want to look through the windows. The sectional garage door panel is often replaced with a panel already including built-in windows. This is the easiest way to add a row of windows at sectional garage doors.

Replacing an entire garage door section can be tricky in some cases, though. The color and finish can be hard to match if the door is old and faded. If so, then adding windows to the old door is easiest. There is always an option to get a new door entirely also. 

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How Do You Install a Window in a Garage Door?

How Do You Make Fake/Faux Windows on a Garage Door?

Fake or faux garage door windows can be installed on many garage door types. Fake windows have the same curb appeal effect as genuine windows. But they don’t offer any extra light or other benefits. The good thing is that there are no drawbacks that might come with real windows. Installing fake windows is easy and can be DIY. Fake windows are usually magnetic or taped down to the door. 

There are lots of different fake/faux window styles available. Check them out on Amazon.  

Are Garage Door Windows Safe?

Garage door windows are safe when you make sure they are impact-resistant material or thick double paneled windows. When the material is impact resistant, it’s hard to break and offers safety from weather or break inns. You can also get the glass frosted or obscured by other means. Garage door windows should be placed at the top two garage door sections. 

Do Roll Up Garage Doors Have Windows?

Roll-up garage doors can also include windows. The windows design is unique and built-in with this type of garage door. They cannot be installed afterward and are small in size. 

Are Glass Garage Doors Safe?

Glass garage doors are quite safe and look great. These doors are mostly made of tempered glass that is tinted, clear, or satin. Polycarbonate is also used as it is highly resistant to impacts. These doors look great if the house is styled the same way. The style can also work in other styles, giving them a fresh and updated look. The garage door style is called contemporary. 

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Garage Windows Privacy 

Garage door windows should be installed above the eye level for privacy or in the second section if you want to see outside. The two top sections of the garage doors are usually most aesthetically pleasing. 

Improving garage windows privacy is easy with:

Privacy Films – Windows films come in many styles like frosting or ornaments. They are often decorative and quick and easy to install DIY. (at Amazon)

Windows Tinting – Same as windows films but reduces a little bit of heat. These come in many colors, shades, or one-way mirrors and are easy to install DIY. (at Amazon)

Windows Blinds – Windows covering with many different styles and control systems. Easy installation in most cases. (at Amazon)

Curtains – Traditional curtains can be placed in any window. There are also curtains made for garage windows. (at Amazon)

Plants – If your garage has big side windows, planting bushes or trees in front of the area offers cover and shade and looks nice.

How Much Garage Windows Cost?

The price of Installing new windows to existing walls varies depending on your location and the building type. HomeAdvisor and home guide have pretty good guides so check them out.

Installing Windows to the garage door is cheaper and costs between $25-and $60 per window, including labor. This varies depending on where you live and how many windows you install. And the possible adjustments that need to be made to the door springs and/or opener. The hourly labor cost for these adjustments ranges from $20 to $30 on average.

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