Tools You Should Have in Your Garage

Are you supposed to do something in your garage? Some DIY projects or car repair, maybe?

You need the right tools for the job! And remember, there is always that one tool that is missing when you really need it. So make sure you have everything you need before you begin your project.

Here is listed almost every tool you need for any job. Of course, many of these are optional. You don’t need them allBut sure, they would become handy.

Workbench With Vise

Good Workbench is a must. It’s where you do most of your work.

Safety Gear

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Proper Lights

Install good led lighting above the work areas. So you see what you are doing. Have at least two light sources to avoid shadowy areas.

Hand Tools

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Set of Pliers

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Hand Saws

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Painting Tools

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Power Tools

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Power Saws

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Tool Organization And Extras

Air Compressor

Air compressor will power pneumatic tools, inflate all tires and inflatables, and allow you to use specialized tools like airbrushes for painting or staining.

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Tools For Car repairs


Yard tools

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