Tools You Should Have In Your Garage (Complete List)

A garage is where you get things done. It could be your newest DIY project, car repair, or more. However, you should pack your garage with the right tools and gadgets to work without hassle. What are the tools you should have in your garage? 

A complete garage should have the following:

  • A strong, sturdy workbench
  • Basic hand tools
  • Power tools
  • Safety gear
  • Proper lighting 
  • Painting tools and gears
  • Cleaning gears and solutions
  • Yard tools
  • Systems to organize these tools

This article explores the list of tools you should have in your garage. We will organize these tools by basic, extras, and types of work. These include woodwork, yard work, or car repairs. 


A workbench is where many of the actions happen. Its main function is to provide you a stable, sturdy surface to engage in garage work. A workbench may be a centerpiece of any garage set-up.

Your workbench may be different depending on the work you do. A sawhorse or wooden bench may be fine if you do woodwork. 

However, suppose you plan to work on metal, such as welding or car repairs. In that case, you will need a bench with a metal surface. 

A workbench is never complete without a vise. It should hold on to your things steadily, allowing you to free up your hands and work on the others. 

If you prefer to work in comfort, consider adding a utility cart. This should help you reach for your tools easily without walking around too much. You can also throw in some anti-fatigue mats to stand and work longer without tiring out your legs.

Safety Gear

Safety gears are non-negotiable. If you care about working in a safe environment, you should have some safety gear around when you do your work. 

Start with gears that protect your hands. This is because your hands are usually the closest to a potential hazard. Safety gloves should help here.

Throw in a pair of safety boots too. Look for those with a hard toe cap to protect your toes if you drop something. 

Next, invest in things that protect your senses, such as your ear, eyes, and nose. This means ear muffs, safety goggles, and masks. 

Then, get some breathing masks or respirators. They are extremely important if you work in dusty environments, such as woodworking. They may not be comfortable, but your lungs will thank you later. 

Other non-negotiables are fire extinguishers. Things can catch fire without you realizing it, and having one around may be handy when that happens. 

Proper Lights

Garages can be a little dark, without windows and sunlight roofing. As a result, lights are also an important factor in a garage. 

Proper lighting ensures you can perform your work safely. You also get to see well, ensuring you do not kick or stumble into something. You are also less likely to make mistakes while working since you can see clearly.

Install good LED lighting above the work areas. So you see what you are doing. Have at least two light sources to avoid shadowy areas.

Hand Tools

Hand tools are the foundation of a garage. Without it, you simply cannot perform any work. 

These tools are generally created to be used manually, without electricity. 

This means you can use them pretty much anywhere, anytime. Hand tools can come in many types and styles, and you will probably never finish buying them all. 

Start with tools that allow you to perform basic maintenance around the house. These include screwdrivers, Allen keys, hammers, pliers, and knives. 

Once you have those, you can expand and get wrenches, saws, or caulk guns. You can also invest in specialized hand tools such as a multimeter or clamps. 






Hand Saws

Painting Tools

You will often have to engage in some form of painting work around your house. This means your garage will need to host some painting equipment. 

As a start, get yourself some paint brushes or rollers. Also, get some painting trays to host your paints too. 

However, suppose you see yourself getting more serious with painting work. In this case, you may consider getting spray guns or measuring cups.

Power Tools

Ready to join the big boys’ club? Get yourself some power tools. 

Power tools are basic hand tools but on steroids. They can get many jobs done faster and with better accuracy. For example, a miter or circular saw.

Some power tools also help to replace hand skills with machinery. This means you can perform high-quality work without experience. 

Take, for example, a wood planer. Rather than relying on experience, a planer can make great, flat woodcuts for you quickly.

There are also power tools that can deliver stronger force. Saving you time and effort. This could be tools such as a pressure washer or brad nailer.

Power Saws

Air Compressor

Air compressor will power pneumatic tools, inflate all tires and inflatables, and allow you to use specialized tools like airbrushes for painting or staining.

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Tool Organization And Extras

If you have invested in all these tools and gear, the next thing is to organize them well. 

Depending on the amount and size of the tools, you may need to organize them differently. 

At the most basic, a toolbox or bag should be able to keep all your hand tools in place. You can also allocate another bag to keep your safety gear. 

However, as your arsenal of tools and gear expand, you need to consider a more permanent way to organize them. Consider building up shelves since they can be a very flexible way to store small and large items. 

You can also invest in tool cabinets or pegboards to have a permanent place for all your tools. Cabinets with closed and lockable doors can also keep your expensive tools safe. 

Tools For Car Repairs

Most of us will have a car, which means we will need to engage in some car repair work at some point. 

Your garage should have the tools to help you perform basic maintenance tasks. These tasks include changing oils, rotating tires, or car cleaning. 

This means having wrenches and jacks. You can also add in things such as a jump-starter, OBD scanner, or a rolling stool too.


You are bound to make a mess in your garage whenever you perform some work. This means you want to have clearing tools and consumables around to help you clean up the place. 

At the start, get some towels and a broom. If you want to clean better, consider a shop vac. Stocking up on cleaning supplies such as detergents or degreasers may also make sense. 

Yard tools

If your property comes with a garage, chances are it would have yards. Trees, lawns, hedge rows, and a garden bed may exist. These need constant care and work to keep them in good, presentable condition.

You will need yard tools to ensure you can do these well. At the basics, start with a leaf rake, hedge trimmer, garden hose, and wheelbarrow. If you have these and want to simplify the job, pick up a leaf blower and other power tools.


Chemicals help you to get things done faster. For example, things such as degreasers can simplify cleaning tasks. Rust penetrants and lubricants can make difficult tasks easier too. 

The key to these chemicals is to have a safe place to store them. You want to keep them away from the reach of children and pets. 

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