The Benefits Of Heating A Garage (Things To Consider)

Winter months can be hard on your garage. As the temperature drops, your garage is no longer inviting you to perform your work inside. The things and furniture also have turned cold and may struggle to work. 

At this point, you may think of actually heating your garage, perhaps by using some heater or insulation. Aside from making your garage a nicer place to work, what are the other benefits of heating a garage?

The benefits of heating a garage include the following:

  • Your Car Starts Easier In Winter Mornings
  • You Save On Fuel
  • You Prevent Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
  • You Protect Your Car
  • You Protect The Things Inside Your Garage
  • You Prevent Plumbing Problems
  • You Extend Your Living Space
  • You Stay Healthy During Winter
  • You Prevent Cold Air From Coming Into Your Home
  • You Heat The Space Above Your Garage
  • You Adhere To The Local Housing Requirements
  • You Prepare Your Garage For Future Renovations
  • You Increase Your Home Value

This article explores the benefits of heating your garage. We have the articles if you are keen to explore the options to heat or insulate your garage.


The Benefits Of Heating A Garage

There are many upsides when heating your garage. This is because when you heat your garage, you are essentially making the temperature more livable, which means not just you, but many of the things inside your garage will appreciate some warmth.

Your Car Starts Easier In Winter Mornings

Winter is when you may just want to get wrapped up in your blanket. It is hard to wake up and get going first thing in the morning, especially in the winter. But this can be even harder for your car. 

When the temperature is cold, it is harder for your car battery to generate the electric current needed to start your car. The last thing you need is to struggle to start your day just because you cannot start your car. 

There are two common ways people deal with this. One is that they rely on the engine block heater. The warmer temperature helps your car battery work, meaning you can start your vehicle easier. The other is to park the car inside a warmed garage. 

On top of that, you can actually make it to the car easier since the garage is not that cold.

You Save On Fuel

Suppose your car is not parked in a heated garage. After struggling to get the car going, you turn on the car heater on full blast and maybe run inside your house for a bit to get warm while waiting for your car cabin to warm up. 

This is rather common since not many are happy to drive their car with the cabin cold and freezing. 

There is nothing wrong with this option, although you may have to pay for the heating in the form of fuel. Letting your car idle for 5-10 minutes every day during winter may not be much of an issue, but do it over some time, and you may notice your fuel costs may go up more.

So rather than waiting for the car to warm up and waste money on fuel, why not just invest in a garage heater? You can enjoy a warmer garage, your car is warm right away, and you can save on fuel too.

You Prevent Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

If your car is parked inside your cold garage, you may also try to warm it up inside. This means leaving the engine to run and with your garage door closed. 

This can be a rather dangerous thing to do since you are trapping the fumes from the exhaust inside the garage. These fumes may smell bad, and the deposits may pollute the walls or doors of your garage. But the scariest thing about exhaust fumes is the carbon monoxide. 

When you inhale carbon monoxide, you prevent your red blood cells from carrying oxygen to your body. Breathe in too much, and you may die. 

You do not need to face this risk if your garage is heated. This is because your car is warm enough to start the engine, get in, and drive the car out immediately.

You Protect Your Car

As a start, most cars are engineered to withstand the cold winter months. For example, most cars come with an engine heater. 

However, if you leave your car outside in the cold of winter, you may still be exposed to myriad problems. 

For example, the lines. These lines may be able to handle the cold when they are new, but over time, they may become brittle and eventually break. Most lines hold liquids, such as fuel, coolant, or oils. 

When they break, you do not have to replace the lines. If you do not get to these broken lines on time, they may cause damage to other parts of your car, which can significantly increase the car repair bills.

Considering the cost of heating your garage, the potential repair bills, and the headaches and inconveniences, it may be better to just have the heater instead.

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You Protect The Things Inside Your Garage

Winter temperatures can be harsh for you and many things inside the garage. Many materials may not withstand cold temperatures for an extended period.

The machinery and tools may not work too well. The metal surface becomes cold and may shrink, stressing the structural integrity. Even your fridges may struggle to work, especially if they are not garage fridges.

This means if you are unlucky enough to be in a freezing temperature, some of your things may break or crack due to the cold. 

If you have a garage heater, you can regulate the temperature inside the garage. This means all the things, tools, and machinery inside your garage will stay warm. You may spend more on heaters, but you save on having to replace the broken items inside your garage.

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You Prevent Plumbing Problems

One of the biggest problems during winter is frozen and burst pipes. This is why many houses have insulated or heated pipes to prevent this from happening. 

However, suppose you have an attached garage without heating. In many situations, you may have water pipes running through the garage walls and ceiling. Since the garage is unheated, your pipes may freeze off and burst too. 

Burst pipes add to plumbing repair costs, and the water can significantly damage your garage and the things you keep inside. Consider the potential losses you may incur, and heating your garage may not sound too expensive now.

You Can Enjoy Your Time In The Garage During Winter

One of the nicest things about having a garage is having a proper place to store things in the house. You can also use the space to engage in DIY work and build your next project

However, an unheated garage can be brutally cold in the winter, meaning you may not be able to spend much time inside. You also may be unable to work on things inside your garage since all the tools and surfaces will be cold to your hands.

With a heated garage, you can spend a long time inside and enjoy yourself. You can also spend the cold winter months building your project and preparing things for spring. Would it not be nice to work on your motorcycle during winter, so you are prepared for the coming riding season?

You Stay Healthy During Winter

This may be a somewhat indirect reason but a valid one. For many, winter months are when people become less active. They curl up on the couch, watch TV, and eat. Gone are the gyms, outdoor hikes, and exercises. As a result, many people put on weight during the winter.

Suppose you do not want to leave home, fight the cold and go to the gym. If you have a heated garage, you can bring the gym to you. If you have a heated garage, you may be able to fight the fat better. 

Set up simple exercise equipment in your heated gym, and work out there instead. You can stay healthy, active, and strong during the cold months and keep the flu away. Your body will thank you too.

You Heat The Space Above Your Garage

If your garage is part of your house or has any room space above it, you are in for a treat. This is because if you heat your garage, you automatically heat the room above it. This is because hot air rises, and some should permeate the space above. 

If the room above your garage is a bedroom, you can enjoy a warmer room without turning on another heater. You can leverage this and maybe use more of the space. You may even save some heating bills too.

If your garage has a higher ceiling, why not create a second floor, and turn the space into a home office or something similar? 

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You Adhere To The Local Housing Requirements

Depending on where you live, some local authorities may have garage heating requirements that you must adhere to. 

This could be your HOA (Homeowners Association) or local government. Some tenancy agreements may require installing or turning on garage heaters during winter.

There are reasons why these requirements exist. This ensures the garages remain structurally sturdy and robust without any damage from the cold temperature. This could help to create a well-managed neighborhood, helping to generate a higher property value.

If you live in such neighborhoods, it may be a great way to follow the rules. Set up some garage heaters, and get in good graces with your neighbors.

You Prepare Your Garage For Future Renovations

If you are reading this article, chances are you are a keen DIY person with a never-ending list of projects to build. You may have plans to further renovate and improve the garage or your house. 

Suppose you plan to extend the kitchen during winter or build a wall divider. You do not need to do it in the cold garage. If you install the garage heater now, you are making the garage a great space to embark on these projects. 

You also get to save on money since the heating bills for your garage can be cheaper than replacing broken tools from the cold. You also save on medical bills since you are not forcing yourself to work in the cold. 

You Increase Your Home Value

Finally, installing garage heaters can significantly increase your home value. Depending on the size of the garage, home, and many other factors, having garage heaters could increase your home value by $10,000.

This is logical since garage heaters help to create a larger living space for the new homeowner. The new homeowner can use the garage to work, play, entertain, and do whatever they see fit. 

The effect may extend further if you live in a neighborhood where everyone installs garage heaters. Since everybody’s garages are heated, they do not suffer from damage from winter. This means your neighborhood will look nice and neat, which may also help increase the price of your home.

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